New Curriculum And Educational Structure Will Be Under 5-3-3-4

In the new policy, the entire curriculum and educational structure has been divided into four parts under 5-3-3-4. The first five will be Nursery, KG and Upper-KG. Foundation class will be formed, in which children will take pre-schooling for three years and then study in first and second. NCERT will prepare special syllabus for five years. In this, along with bookish knowledge, sports, entertainment have to be taught, so that mental and physical development is normal. The focus will be on activity based learning and children from 3 to 8 years will be covered. There will be a change in the report card and assessment will be done at three levels. First student, second classmate and third teacher. The National Assessment Center will conduct artificial intelligence based software testing of learning ability.


The third, fourth and fifth grade students will be included in the second class. In this, children will be made to study subjects like mathematics, science and art through experiments. This will include children in the age group of 8-11 years.


This class will have classes VI, VII and VIII and will cover students in the age group of 11-14. Subject based curriculum will be taught in this. Skill development courses will start from class 6 onwards and there will be compulsory vocational training and education. In this, a ten-day local craft internship will have to be done. Coding will be taught to the students from this class. Emphasis will be placed on the use of technology in education. This will include preparation of online education content in regional languages, virtual labs, digital libraries etc.

Secondary Stage-

In the fourth class, there will be studies from 9th to 12th. During this, the focus will be on the preparation of the board. Students will have the freedom to choose subjects. Multidisciplinary knowledge will be promoted along with its subject. Board exams are based on knowledge enhancement rather than rote, so the syllabus will be reduced.

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