CM Hemant Soren Jharkhand Govt may announce thousands of JOBS Vacancy Soon

The state government has announced to give more importance to the local people for appointments in the state and has started action accordingly, but it is facing problems due to departmental constraints. The biggest problem is that there is no amendment in the rules according to the recent amendments made at the cabinet level. On the basis of more than 150 employment rules in the state, the planning process starts against the vacancies in the departments, but till now dozens of manuals have not been improved and due to this the process of appointment is also hampered.

The state government has also taken a decision in the cabinet in line with the announcement of giving preference to locally educated candidates for appointment in government offices. After this, necessary improvements were to be made in the planning manual for the departments concerned. While making reforms, its approval would also have been taken from the cabinet, but many departments have not paid attention to it. Due to this the recruitment process has also been stalled. It is to be known that the government has declared the year 2021 as the planning year and accordingly vacancies have been called from all the departments. After the vacancies, Jharkhand Staff Selection Commission will start the recruitment process by taking out the advertisement on the basis of the rules.

The government has declared the year 2021 as the planning year

The state government has declared the current financial year as the year of appointments and now preparations are going on in full swing ahead of it. Instructions have been given to all the departments to revise the appointment rules, the accounts of vacancies are being prepared and all the necessary preparations are being made at the ground level. Despite this, the rules of some departments have not yet been decided. The main reason behind this are those people who, being a part of the system, do not work with full energy somewhere. This is the reason that the required reforms have not been done in the manuals of many departments nor have they been sent for the attention of the cabinet. The appointment process can be started only after the approval of the rules from the cabinet.

The government is working from its level as announced and the personnel department is also monitoring all the things but due to some lapses the whole process seems to be progressing at a slow pace. The state government had given the green signal to the recruitment process months ago by changing the planning policy. The government had decided that only matriculation and inter pass students from Jharkhand would be employed at the local level and in this care would also be taken that the qualified candidates should have knowledge of the local language. Information about the language has also been made public.

According to the decision of the government, the Personnel Department has improved its rules, but the departments in which appointments are to be made, those departments will have to seek permission from the state cabinet by improving the rules, only after which the process of appointments can start. At present, more than 150 appointment manuals are ready in the state and the process can start only after amendment in about half of these rules. For this, the concerned departments will have to carry out further preparations by taking headache at their level, otherwise the announcement of employment year will not be able to benefit the people at the level at which the work should have been done. The sluggish officers and personnel in the departments will have to be warned from now so that better results can be obtained in future.

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