Amodi’s govt school giving competition to private school

Teacher has made this position with his hard work and dedication, on the lines of private schools, chair-tables have been installed in the rooms, besides Hindi (Hindi) and English and Maths (English and Maths) children studying here Quickly solve the questions of

Janjgir-Champa. School News: Government Primary School School of Amodi, a small village under Bamhanidih block. To say this is a government school, but the teacher here, Gulzar Bareth, has changed the picture of this school with dedication and hard work on his own.

In the school, chair-tables have been installed for the children in class I and II on the lines of private schools so that the child does not consider himself inferior to private schools and concentrates fully in studies.

The effect of this is that the children of primary school are so proficient in English-Mathematics besides Hindi that they will look like children of big private schools.

Wall wrench printing has been done in the rooms of the school, due to which this school does not look less than any good private school anywhere. At present 45 children are enrolled in the school. Seeing the talent of the children, the NCERT officials have reached to see this school.

There are only two teachers in the school, one of whom is himself and the other is his headmaster. In such a situation, the responsibility of all the children is on them, yet the level of education of the children in the school is not less than the children of private schools.

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Upload activity on social media
He has done more than a hundred innovations from desi jugaad to teach children. On the day of the school, many activities are done so that the children take interest in studies. He always shares many activities on Facebook and social media, which is being well-liked.

Amodi Primary School

IMAGE CREDIT: Primary school Amodi
Parents have so much trust, do not send them to private schools
There are also three to four private schools within a distance of three to four km of this village, but the way this government school has been decorated and seeing the innovation of education, the trust of the parents towards this school has become such that private Instead of sending them to schools, parents prefer to send their children here. Not only the village, now children from other villages are also taking admission here.

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Purpose: Poor children do not consider themselves less
teacher gulzar It is said that their only intention is that children should never feel that they are less than other children. That is why like private schools, the insistence was raised to beautify this school as well. Some did it by themselves and some parents also came forward.

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