How to Make Poha – Recipe of Poha

Fast foods like catering and catering in India have a one-to-one snack. , there are different types consistent with the variability in several regions and likes. I might wish to like poha poha

Whether it’s a festival day or any big day, there’s always some guest coming to my house, and when there’s a guest or a vacation within the house, then you usually think that breakfast is that the morning and dinner. Always make difference. Making breakfast for everybody within the morning seems to be the foremost difficult task for everybody. Poha is one of my favorite breakfasts. I and my relations like to eat Poha with Jalebi and tea for breakfast.

If there are many of us in your house and you’re also very confused about breakfast within the morning, then you’ll also eat and feed Poha in breakfast, it’s not only tasty to eat but also good for health. is | If you get poha and a cup of tea early within the morning on a chilly day, then the matter is different.

How to make Poha
In this way, Poha is formed in every house within the morning breakfast, but there’s no guarantee that Poha is formed good here or not. There are many of us who complain that everything becomes good with them, just poha isn’t good, so for them, I even have come up with this recipe in order that they will make easy breakfast for his or her family, their kids and their friends or and win the hearts of all.

How to make Poha
This easy recipe are often prepared not only by housewives living reception, office going people, also as a hostel, PG, or Bachelor students who have tons of trouble to eat, they will also easily make it. | This recipe is best for people studying outside or working (who are very busy and who don’t even skills to cook well), by reading this recipe, you’ll easily steel yourself against yourself or others within the morning. Breakfast is often made easily with no problem.

So let’s find out how you’ll easily make Poha reception and feed yourself et al., it’s very easy to form and doesn’t take much time to make:

Ingredients required for Poha:
2 cups thick poha (or as many call it chuda)
1 medium-sized onion or Kada, washed well and finely chopped
1 small potato, washed well and whose skin is well attached (also finely chopped)
Half a teaspoon of mustard or which is additionally called Brassica nigra.
tsp cumin seeds
8 to 10 leaves of curry leaves thoroughly washed.
2 small green chilies washed well and finely chopped.
A little quite a pinch Asafoetida (Asafoetida)
One and a half teaspoon almond (groundnut)
Half a tablespoon of gram dal during which a touch tur dal is mixed.
a teaspoon sugar
A little green coriander washed well and finely chopped.
If a little bowl of sev is served in Ratlam, then the fun will increase even more, during this way you’ll add any normal sev or any sev.
Salt as per your taste.
If you would like, you’ll also add a tablespoon of grated coconut (grated), adding this may enhance the taste even more.
Half tsp turmeric powder.
And touch but half a teaspoon red flavorer.
tsp juice (remember to not add lemon seeds)
Two spoons plain oil or mustard oil.
Half a teaspoon of pomegranate seeds, you’ll or might not put it, if you’ve got it available then you set it, and if not then it doesn’t matter.

How to make Poha

  • First take an enormous bowl and put poha in it and wash it well.

  • Keep in mind that wash the poha 1 to 2 times during a great way with the assistance of fingers with light hands.

  • Now put a wok or a frypan on the stove and warmth it.

  • After the pan becomes hot, add two spoons of plain oil or mustard oil thereto and warmth it too.

  • After roasting cumin and mustard seeds lightly, add curry leaves, wash them well and fry them lightly.

  • Do not burn the curry leaves an excessive amount of , now add well-washed and finely chopped green chilies and stir with light hands,
  • after adding green chilies, add almonds (peanuts) thereto , and at an equivalent time add half a tsp. Also add chana dal and tur dal.

  • Stir the almonds (peanuts) and both the lentils lightly, while stirring lightly, add a pinch of asafoetida thereto and blend well.

  • After the oil is heated well, add mustard seeds and roast it lightly, after roasting the mustard seeds a touch , put cumin seeds in it and stir it with light hands and fry it lightly.

  • Now let of these fry well for 30 to 40 seconds, till the chili becomes crisp.

  • Take a medium size onion and wash it properly and finely chop it and put it within the pan during a great way . After adding the onion, fry of these well, and fry it till the onion becomes light golden in color (take care to not burn the onion).

  • Now add alittle potato (well washed and finely chopped) in it and blend of these well with light hands, fry it lightly like onion.

  • After adding the potato, cover it with a plate or a lid and let it cook for 2 to three minutes, in order that the potato doesn’t melt lightly and doesn’t remain raw.

  • Keep in mind that keep stirring the potatoes in between in order that the potatoes don’t burn and don’t stick within the pan.
    When the potatoes are lightly cooked, then add turmeric powder thereto and stir lightly with light hands.

  • After adding turmeric powder, add red flavorer thereto and stir everything well, after stirring a touch , leave them covered to cook for half to 1 minute, in order that the masala gets cooked properly.

  • Now remove the lid and see if the masala is cooked, then add salt and half a teaspoon of sugar consistent with taste and stir it slowly with light hands.

  • When the onions, potatoes and spices are all cooked well, then add the well-washed poha thereto (take care to not leave the poha in water for an extended time alternatively it’ll melt and stick with one another as soon as you set it within the karahi thanks to which the entire poha will get ruined or spoiled).

  • After adding the poha, mix or stir all of those carefully with a light-weight hand, confine mind that each one these need to be stirred well in order that the poha doesn’t stick with one another and yes water isn’t to be added thereto in the least .

  • After stirring the poha and everything else well, put grated (grated) coconut on top and blend everything with light hands, after adding coconut, add pomegranate seeds on top or if you’ve got , then you’ll also add currant in it. it’ll also taste good to eat and can give sour and sweet taste.

  • After adding grated coconut and pomegranate seeds or kismis, mix of these well and leave it to cook on the gas for half a moment .
    When everything is completed , pour juice on all sides and blend well once in order that juice doesn’t enter just one place and doesn’t become too sour.

  • After adding juice , add well-washed and finely chopped green coriander on top.

  • Your favorite poha is prepared , now you set it during a serving bowl or during a bowl or plate, add Ratlam sev or the other sev on top and also add finely chopped onion and green coriander from above.
  • Serve or serve all.
  • Take your favorite breakfast ready made within the morning for you mind.

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