Chole Bhature Recipe

30 minute time Stuff 500 grams white gram2 tomatoes2 onions4-5 garlic1 piece of ginger2 large cardamom4-5 black pepper2 bay leaves1-inch cinnamon2 years250 grams flour1/2 tsp leaven1/4 teaspoon sweet soda2 tbsp curdsalt to taste1 tsp turmeric powder1 red flavorer MethodFirst of all, you’ll soak the chickpea gram for four to 5 hours, then put it within … Read more

tempered lentils and rice

20 to 25 minutesStuff 250 grams toovar dal2 tomatoes2 onions5-6 garlic1 inch gingersome curry leaves1 tsp turmeric powdersalt to taste2 tsp desi ghee250 grams basmati riceMethod After soaking the tuvar dal for 1 hour, keep it within the cooker to be prepared by adding turmeric and salt. Then onion, garlic, ginger, tomato will all be … Read more

cold coffee recipe

5 minutes time Stuff 2 glasses milk1 teaspoon sugar1 teaspoon coffee powdersome ice cubes MethodFirst, we’ll put two glasses of milk within the mixer jar, then add sugar to it. Then put coffee powder within the jar and add some ice cubes then run the jar. Our code copy is prepared now we’ll serve it.

butterscotch ice cream recipe

20 to 25 minutes time Stuff to make caramel1 cup sugar1 tsp buttersome cashews and almondsto make a frozen dessert2 cups cream1 teaspoon sugar5-6 drops of butterscotch essence4-5 drops yellow color MethodFirst of all, put sugar in a hot pan and keep stirring it in order that the sugar will melt and caramel are going … Read more

vanilla Rose Ice Cream recipe

20 minutes time Stuff 2 cups topping4-5 pink color4-5 drops vanilla essence4-5 Boomrose Essence Method First of all, beat the topping alright with the assistance of a machine. When the cream fits well, divide it into two equal parts, add vanilla essence in one part and add pink color one part and add rose essence … Read more

tomato sauce recipe

15 to twenty minutes Stuff 250 grams tomatoes1 teaspoon red flavorer1 teaspoon sugarsalt to taste1 bay leaf2 years1 big cardamom1 inch cinnamon Method Cut the tomato and cut it into small pieces. Put bay leaves, cloves, big cardamom, and cinnamon within the cooker and add tomatoes. Then put it to boil within the cooker, when … Read more

Bread Halwa Recipe

10 minutes time Stuff 6-7 bread pieces250 grams of milk1 cup granulated sugarsome chopped dry fruits1/2 tsp cardamom powder2 tbsp desi gheeMethod First of all, gather all the ingredients in one place and grind the sugar. Put ghee in a hot pan and break the bread pieces in it then fry it well. When the … Read more

banana cupcakes

10 to fifteen minutes time Stuff 1 cup flour1 banana1/4 cup granulated sugar1/4 cup curd1 tbsp oil1 teaspoon leaven1/4 teaspoon sweet soda Method First of all, collect all the ingredients and remove the flour during a bowl. Peel the banana during a bowl and mash it with the assistance of a whisk, then mix all … Read more

fruit Falooda

10 minutes time Stuff 1 kg milk1 cup vermicelli1 mango1 pomegranate1 apple150 g sugardry fruits as needed MethodFirst of all we’ll put the vermicelli during a hot pan then fry it, heat the milk tons, when it involves a boil, we’ll put the roasted vermicelli then put sugar in it and cook till it becomes … Read more

Arabic leaf dumplings

15 to twenty minutes time Stuff 6-7 Arabic leaves1 bowl besan1/2 cup rice flour1 teaspoon red flavorer1 teaspoon cumin1 tsp amchur powder1 teaspoon red flavorer1 tsp garam masala1 teaspoon celery1 pinch asafoetidasalt to taste1 tsp mustard Method First of all, wash and clean the leaves of Arabic, then cut its stalk. Then during a mixer … Read more